My First Blog Post…Ever.

Hello CyberWorld!

My name is V. Twenty fourteen was a great year but after a few life altering events that were out of my hands. I have decided to take my life in a different direction and have ended up looking for an entirely different career path than what I have studied or formerly worked in. Being ill for months has given me a lot of time to really think about what I want to do and why I want to do it. I’ve always enjoyed keeping a journal throughout my life and I thought maybe it is time that I started broadcasting to the world my passions and thoughts, maybe someone can benefit from them. In truth, I am naturally unorganized, never on time, and can barely remember what I started talking about five minutes ago. I am restless, adventurous, and hoping to get much more out of life than I am right now. I may have Attention Deficit Disorder but I am also ambitious, way too passionate about life and determined to be someone. I know so many other people have the same type of sob story that I do so let me just stick to the point.

I am creating this blog because as many times as I have tried to run away from it, marketing is my passion. I want to learn more about the digital marketing world and ecommerce and since this seems to be a hot topic for people of all ages, maybe someone else wants to learn about what I am doing research on as well. This is my personal take on a journey through valuable information and probably a lot of crap as well. I believe it cannot be as complex as many companies make it, it must be simple to connect and properly communicate what businesses want to say to the world. Do I have any idea what I am getting myself into? Not at all. Let the madness begin.

How I Feel Right Now

How I Feel Right Now

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